Elite Capital & Co.’s Rider Lucas Blintford Wins 2nd Place in Whilton Mill Championship Final

Mr. Adrian Blantford, Principal Manager, Lucas Blantford Racing Team, announced today that Lucas Blantford Sponsored by Elite Capital & Co. won second place yesterday in Whilton Mill Championship final.

“Unbelievable drive at the weekend with a lot of eyes on Lucas but again showed composure beyond his age, so proud and honored to be able to call Lucas my son,” Adrian Blantford said.

Although Elite Capital & Co.’s rider Lucas Blantford is still suffering from his ribs due to the accident he had earlier this month, Saturday testing started well but ran into mechanical difficulties which hampered going into Heat 1 in the afternoon. Starting P17 crossed the line P5 after a calculated professional drive.

Sunday, June 26, 2022, Lucas was the quickest on track and that continued throughout the day setting the fastest lap time for both Sunday heats and winning Heat 2. The final starting position was P2 and again after a composed drive taking the chequered flag at the Line in P2 which sees him go to 3rd in the overall championship.

Mr. Adrian Blantford concluded his statement by saying, “Lucas is fortunate to have a great team as well as his official sponsor, Elite Capital & Co. Limited who supports and sponsors him all the time, even off the track.”