AutoNews Now: Biden eyes $50B for chip production, research

Biden eyes $50B for chip production, research | GM's new in-car nav system | Joyson airbags probed | Cruise to operate in Dubai | Autonomous Domino's delivery | Huawei's $1B AV, EV pushRead More

Corporate Leaders Discuss How to Address Georgia's Voting Laws

A coalition of law firms has joined business leaders in wanting to use their clout to oppose state legislation that would make it harder to vote. #styln-signup .styln-signup-wrapper { max-width: calc(100% - 40px); width: 600px; margin: 20px auto; padding-bottom: 20px; border-bottom: 1px solid #e2e2e2; } With Republicans...

Ant Group Announces Overhaul as China Tightens Its Grip

Beijing had accused the internet-finance titan, a sister company of the e-commerce giant Alibaba, of flouting regulations in its quest for growth.China’s fast-moving campaign to curb the power of internet giants has hit its latest mark: Ant Group, the fintech sister company of the e-commerce behemoth Alibaba.Ant announced on Monday that it would undertake...

Pandemic Spending Pushes U.S. Budget Deficit to $1.7 Trillion: Live Updates

The federal government continued to pump huge sums of money into the economy to help workers and businesses cope with the pandemic.Emily Elconin for The New York TimesThe United States budget deficit grew to a record $1.7 trillion in the six months since October, as the federal government continued to pump huge sums of money into the economy to help...

First Shift: Ford dealers plan standalone Bronco stores

Ford dealers plan standalone Bronco stores | EV battery makers settle dispute | GMC to cover Hummer floorplan costs | Lexus scores with golfer's win | Brands go big on badgingRead More

Developing and Deploying Simulation Apps

Developing and Deploying Simulation AppsRead More

Nvidia, Volvo Cars accelerate auto industry race for data-processing power

The Swedish carmaker is among a crowd of new and established automakers putting digital processing power ahead of horsepower as they try to catch up with Tesla Inc. Read More

GM to launch new in-vehicle navigation system

Maps+ will be available to about 900,000 vehicles as part of select Connected Services plans. It's an upgrade from GM's OnStar turn-by-turn navigation tool. Read More

Intel's Mobileye teams with startup Udelv on automated delivery

Mobileye is supplying a fully automated driving system for Udelv’s new Transporter, a boxy electric shuttle without seats or cockpit that is designed specifically for delivery. Read More

NHTSA opens probe into Joyson airbags for possible defect

Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, General Motors and Nissan previously have issued vehicle recall notices for the auto supplier's airbag assemblies over a defect that could prevent the airbags from properly deploying during a crash. Read More

Baker Auto Group expands into Florida

The group, with two stores in New Jersey, has purchased DeSoto Auto Mall. The dealership sells Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles. Read More

Huawei to invest $1 billion on auto technology

The Chinese telecom giant will partner with three automakers initially to make self-driving cars that carry the Huawei name as a sub-brand. Read More

Blind racer gets Cruise support, but he'll drive

The automated driving company is sponsoring Dan Parker's attempt to set a world speed record as a way to promote the potential for AV technology to help visually impaired people get around more easily.Read More

Auto tech startups are hot targets for investors

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked investors to consider how transportation may soon be transformed. Many see startups as key players in that change.Read More

Pandemic adds resonance to Garff effort

The health crisis canceled plans to pack employees into movie theaters to watch slick promotional videos, turning the effort into a largely digital affair instead, but it didn't diminish the campaign's scope.Read More

Volvo, Nvidia accelerate race for data-processing power

The Swedish automaker is among a crowd of new and established automakers putting digital processing power ahead of horsepower as they try to catch up with Tesla.Read More

Porsche-backed EV maker Rimac warms to SPACs

Rimac will reveal plans this week for a new campus on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia, that will have capacity for 2,500 employees -- roughly 2 1/2 times the company’s current headcount. Production is slated to start there in 2023.Read More

France could offer cash to scrap cars for electric bikes

France may become the first country in the world to offer people the chance to trade in an aging vehicle for an electric or folding bicycle by offering them a $2,975 subsidy.Read More

Most European city dwellers support 2030 ban on combustion-car sales, survey finds

The online poll found 63 percent of citizens in 15 cities including London, Warsaw and Budapest supported a phaseout as the EU comes under pressure from some member states to set a date for banning cars with engines.Read More

Magna will develop and build EV with Israeli startup

Magna will jointly design, engineer and build an EV with REE Automotive using the Israeli startup's platform, as the Canadian supplier and contract manufacturer moves further to establish itself in the growing market for EVs.Read More