Wrangler's diesel ancestry goes back to the 1960s

The Jeep Wrangler EcoDiesel, due out by the end of the year, is the first diesel for the nameplate since it debuted in 1986, but the model's diesel ancestry goes back more than five decades.Read More

Investment firm Apollo buys 34 auto retail properties in 15 states, D.C.

Apollo Global Management's deal, valued at $585 million, includes automotive and motorcycle dealership properties in 15 states and Washington, D.C.Read More

Plan to clean up UAW corruption is a good start

The plans laid out last week by Rory Gamble to begin cleaning up the union and rebuilding trust are a good strategy, but the magnitude of the scandal still is an argument for federal oversight.Read More

Massachusetts law already requires data access

The right-to-repair initiative would threaten consumer privacy and do nothing to improve the consumer experience in vehicle repairs.Read More

GM not liable for punitive damages in ignition-switch cases, court rules

The 3-0 decision by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan may help GM reduce its ultimate exposure in nationwide litigation over defective ignition switches in several Chevrolet, Pontiac and Saturn models.Read More

AFL-CIO's Trumka not ready to back U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week predicted a breakthrough in the talks was imminent. But she faces continued opposition from labor unions who felt burned by the North American Free Trade Agreement.Read More

Charging stations for electric trucks will cost billions

Nikola Motor is venturing to put electric commercial trucks into use around the country. The development cost pales in comparison to the expense of creating a charging network.Read More

Asbury plans overhaul of dealerships nationwide

The retailer will add technologies, adjust pay scales and eliminate dealership positions across its 88-store footprint to increase customer satisfaction and expedite the vehicle purchase process.Read More

The tire fell off, but the job was done

A lawyer who specializes in lemon law cases mocked the ruling, involving a tire rotation gone wrong, as "idiotic."Read More

Dealerships must safeguard customer data

The California Consumer Privacy Act, the most aggressive consumer-privacy law in the country, goes into effect Jan. 1. Even if your dealership is outside California, you should review your practices to ensure your customers' privacy is protected.Read More

Right-to-repair risks consumer privacy

The ballot initiative in Massachusetts is a thinly veiled data grab.Read More

New grid investment needed for EVs

An infrastructure gap is looming as future charging needs come into focus.Read More

Uber CEO apologizes for his ?mistake' misstep

‘I was plain wrong,' Dara Khosrowshahi told employees in the latest misstep to roil the ride-hailing company.Read More

Toyota says Japan labor officials found it responsible for worker suicide

The news comes as a shrinking workforce and changing values about work-life balance in Japan have meant companies are increasingly found responsible for workplace-related suicide.Read More

Tesla aims to reduce vehicle charging time

The electric automaker has forced the industry to evolve and sped up the rollout of a robust fast-charging infrastructure, experts say.Read More

Teen's blind-spot solution clearly the winner

An eighth-grader won $25,000 for designing a system that uses a camera, projector and special fabric to make a vehicle's A-pillars appear invisible.Read More

Engage next-gen car shoppers with digital tools

The year 2019 may be remembered as one of the most uncertain in terms of U.S. auto sales. After a decade of robust sales, dealers are probably wondering if that era is behind us, and what to do next.Read More

Shifting gears away from the stick shift

It's hard to predict what consumers will decide about how their vehicles are powered in the future, but one thing is certain: They won't have standard transmissions.Read More

Startup tests robotics for EV charging

Power Hydrant is developing revolutionary technology to use robotics to charge self-driving electric vehicles.Read More

Daimler doing doughnut drive

The automaker is donating a new Sprinter to a college student who's been stuffing his Ford Focus with doughnuts from Iowa to resell in Minnesota every weekend.Read More